Day 2

Day 2 of The 14 Day Challenge: Story Basics

Getting Started: Let’s make sure that you’re all set up to receive everything you’re going to need to complete the challenge.

* Sign-in at, and you will join the rest of the community and most importantly, be given all the information and support that others will receive in the 14 Day Challenge

* This is a fourteen (14) day challenge that begins when you get your Day 1 e-mail. So your Day 1 may be different than another person participating in the challenge. Also, you can repeat and repeat the challenge over and over. You’ll get one email every day, with new inspiration and information.

* Write comments and feedback under the video screen on the challenge page. Comments and feedback shows commitment to yourself and the process. And yes, I do read feedback 😉

*Ask for help: we are all in this together. If you’re struggling or have a question ask! The support on Facebook has been amazing. Some people have also found support in doing the challenge with a few friends.
Yes, you are so excited. Let’s go!


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