Day 14

Day 14 of the 14 Day Challenge! : Shine, Shine, Shine!


it’s time to Celebrate!

You’ve come a long, long way. And after this 14 Day Challenge, your life will never be the same.

I appreciate that you have walked with me on this journey

And if there were 3 things that I’d leave you with they are:

1- Write Your Story
2- Share Your Story
3- Continue your journey by joining our community for new event listed on

See you at the next event, the next step in your journey!


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One Response to Day 14

  1. Thank you Amazing SusanJoy for this program. It was an absolute delight and I am going to miss spending time with you on a daily basis. What a great way to let us ourselves see the impact the stories we are telling have. So many times we don’t think about what we are saying at all. I was surprised by some of the stories that I was telling without giving them a second thought. It was both fun and powerful. Every area of my life had a higher ranking than they did on Day 1 :). I also could feel your passion and I cried right along with you and consider doing this program with you one of my Expansion stories. Love it and you!!!!

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