SusanJoy Grieco is a inspiring speaker, passionate seminar leader, engaging coach, insightful writer, touching singer-songwriter and surprising producer.

SusanJoy’s Challenge to Triumph Story

She tapped into the power of story one day while lying on the doctors table receiving treatment for chronic pain stemming from a major auto accident 25 years prior.  What occurred to her in that moment was that she held the power to choose her story. SusanJoy accepted that her perception was creating her life experience.  ~And her body shifted in that moment. ~She was truly free to live fully from that day forward. All her programs and offers are inspired by this life altering experience. SusanJoy maintains that this shift in awareness is possible for anyone, and that she is in no way unique or special for simply allowing what is simply a natural birthright.

Professional Work Experience

Story and conscious storytelling developed organically in SusanJoy’s life. She officially began her career with a Communication Arts BA from Villanova University.

Her professional career began in the field of advertising and marketing where she worked with design teams to create solutions for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Later, SusanJoy worked on cross-functional teams who served Fortune 50 clients as well as new business entrepreneurs. She participated with clients in the discovery of their story in words, images and product. That process enabled clients to embody their story and tell it to their clients. SusanJoy noted that story created a resonant bond between the team and their client. She progressed to training & development and organizational development where she participated with executive leadership teams. Here storytelling took the form and function of visioning and mission creation. SusanJoy served the community by sharing that story with individual employees as topics like personal empowerment training.

Studies, Interests and Work with Communities

SusanJoy interests and studies include personal development, world cultures, high performance, psychology, energy medicine and business development. She cultivates mindfulness with decades of meditation and yoga. And as a long time fan of the Arts, she studied acting and improvisation with two acclaimed studios: The William Espers Studio and The HB Studio for Theater Artists.

Surprising Accomplishment

In addition, she is an iTunes published indie singer-songwriter storytelling with her original CD, “TurnAround“.

A Fresh Viewpoint

SusanJoy Grieco is a curious person whose interests, intuition and intensity have allowed her to weave together subjects that we don’t typically see woven together. She contributes to people and life with her perspective through story.


SusanJoy’s mission is “to give permission” and encourage others to share story!

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